About Us

The Lactation Cookie Company’s is owned and operated by a team of Moms, step Moms and amazing women. The company focuses on delicious cookies for breastfeeding Mother’s. Our cookies are made with ingredients filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients which support breastfeeding mothers in their lactation journeys.

With every purchase, we donate to support breastfeeding education in North America.

When Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of The Lactation Cookie Company & Le Dolci Bakery & Culinary Classroom in Toronto had her baby in 2018, she researched everything and anything to help her breastfeed. She found recipes for lactation cookies through her mom community but was too tired to bake them so she drove to the USA to buy them. Although this is only a two hour drive, Lisa wasn't thinking as after one journey, her head baker said, "why don't we make these cookies for you at the bakery?" And so it all began. Her bakery biz had a cookie baby.

With her amazing team, a delicious recipe was crafted, tested and enjoyed and she began to share it with her friends and her mom-networks created by friend and lactation consultant Catherine Pestl. 

Many years before when Lisa was single and not thinking of babies or breastfeeding, Catherine told her that there was a real demand for delicious and tasty products for breastfeeding mothers. Fast forward when Lisa had her baby, she gave Catherine a call again and understood what she was talking about! 

The Lactation Cookie Company's products support busy mums who only want the best for their baby.

Cookies come in regular, vegan and gluten free varieties - we can’t wait for you to try them!

Learn more about our story in this video: